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Forest Fire Information

This page is intended for up to date information on the fires in Clackamas county and how they are impacting our church and community.

As of September 10, everyone within Sandy is at Level 2 evacuation orders. People at this level should be set to leave at a moment’s notice. Anyone south of Trubel Road, Highway 211, and west of McCabe and Dowling Roads is at Level 3 evacuation orders, and should immediately evacuate out of the area because of the risks associated with the wildfires to the South. You can see current evacuation orders and a general sense of where the Riverside fire is currently at

Due to the current evacuation orders, we will not be having Sunday services at the church for Sunday, September 13. We will be having online services and we invite you to join us at at 10:00 am. You do not need a Facebook account to access this page.

If you do not have a place to evacuate, please contact Pastor Gregg at He is currently seeking places for people to park an RV or to stay in a room at someone’s home for those that may not have family locally. If you know of people who would open up their home or allow an RV to park out front, please let Gregg know.

We continue to monitor this wildfire event and keep you posted both here and on our Facebook page.